2019 in review

This year started as just another year: I started doing a Swift bootcamp as I had done the year before, and once again, it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot with all the beautiful Ladies that went to the bootcamp, I hope they learned something from me too 😄.

In April, I started a new job and with it came a lot of new challenges: No Storyboards 😱, functional programming, and pods all over the codebase. But I was working with a phenomenal team of wonderful people, that helped each other and pulled together to make the product a better one. I still miss you guys 😄.

For personal reasons I moved to my favourite city in September: Barcelona. New house, new and old friends, a new company with a new team. And what a team! Definitely you don’t need to go to London to find amazing developers. I have my challenges too, still no storyboards ☹️ , but no pods 💪, and loads of RxSwift… Still don’t know how to react to that 😉.

2020, is getting closer and everything seems to point out it’s going to be a very good year. May the best things about 2019 be your worst in 2020.

Happy new year!

12 weeks

Last Wednesday, was the last night of a 12-week Swift bootcamp that I gave in collaboration with TECHKNOWDay and hosted by TheCurtainLDN. And I’m already missing it!
This group of Ladies was awesome: even though they were tired and wanted to go home and chill out, they persevere and come night after night.
And we finish our app. A simple Weather app, that searches for a city and then grabs the weather for it through an API. 💪
Inspired by the BBC weather app, we follow the curriculum of Apple’s program #EveryoneCanCode. It was hard, frustrating, unbelievable, colossal and for me, it was mainly fulfilling: It’s so lovely when you see these Ladies learning and applying all the knowledge that you were trying to teach them. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing all the exclamations of joy when they put something to work! It is something that there are not enough words that can explain it. I was an apprentice too, and I know how frustrated it that can be, but it’s way better when finally you can do it.
And these Ladies can do it!