iOSCon 2017

The 2 days came and gone, so fast you couldn’t believe, it all had ended so fast!
As last year, the organisation was excellent and everything went really well…

I enjoyed all the talks that I attended and had some difficult decisions to make, the two tracks made choices impossible sometimes.
So here are my considerations:

First day

Please don’t lose the master class from Dan Cutting, The Grand Tour of iOS Architectures. A really good explanation of all the MVC, MVP, VIPER, CLEAN and FLUX or REACTIVE architectures/patterns.

Another talk not to lose is TDD in Xcode Playgrounds by Paul Ardeleanu: The power of TDD in a playground showing you how to quickly get feedback from your tests, and how can you then move the tests to your project.

Swift on the server was well represented by this workshop: Workshop: Building a server-side Swift app with the Kitura web framework by Chris Bailey and Ian Partridge.

If you are looking for a new job, please don’t skip Ace The Technical Interview by Abizer Nasir. Very good advises there.

Second day

You get to venue with mixed fillings: you are super excited for the new talks ahead, but you are also exhausted from day before…you are starting to think that your brain can’t take much more, and you sit down to listening to the keynote by Daniel Steinberg, and you definitely start to rethink your life. Why? How? What?

Another great talk was Going Universal: Building an app for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (and staying sane) by Adrian Thomas where he explains the process of building and app not just for the iPhone, focus on how to organize your code (essentially your shared code) but not forgetting the UI and how you should maintain some core elements between the different versions of your app.

Unfortunately, there is no video for this excellent workshop by Phil Nash: Test Driving Swift To The Max – with or without the tests!. Very enlightening and using AppCode instead of Xcode.
Building better iOS apps with GraphQL, doesn’t have a video too, but was a really nice talk about how to talk to the server without a REST API. Will it be the next hype on iOS?

And that’s it, folks! Next year there will be more.
It was really nice to reencounter friends and make some new ones and learn new things.
Never stop learning!

Socrates UK


Just came back from SoCraTes UK, and it was amazing as always.
I’m looking at this blog post for 10m now, trying to explain what is SoCraTes UK and still don’t have the correct words… First of all, this is an Open Space Conference, which changes completely the ambient: people go there to share their knowledge not just to receive. And this sharing is what really matter in here…
Second I saw again some good friends that I’ve met before in other SoCraTes( You can check here at the end of the page, the other conferences).

As for the conference itself, I went to several talks about team management, feedback, empathy, and TDD… The second day was really hard, I was running from one place to another because all were amazingly interesting.
The first day I went to:

  • “Identifying signals for feedback loops” by Alastair Smith. A very interesting talk about how a project that had constant positive feedback was canned. We all try to identify where did this feedback fail. Some conclusions here

  • “How to change company structure to support Agile” – this was an interesting workshop where we started to naming all the practices related with Agile/Software Craftsmanship and then in a small group try to come up with ideas of how to convince our managers to accept then.

  • “Compare Craftsmanship and Fashion” by Alvaro Garcia. A really really interesting talk about how craftsmanship can compare with fashion… The main thing to retain is that as we ways wear underwear and just change our clothes as we go, the same happens with Software craftsmanship: our values are always there we just change the tools we use. Here are our thoughts

  • “Integration Design: 5 principles to craft better interfaces” by Giulia Mantuano. A very good talk about all the concerns we must have to give the user a better experience when he uses our products.

And that’s pretty much the first day…we had several lightning talks and after dinner a very entertaining time playing “The Professor”. There were a lot more activities and I had a really nice talk with Dominic Freeston about iOS and Swift.

The second day was a nightmare: all the talks in the market place were looking pretty much amazing and I just wanted to be able to clone myself so I could attend all of then… I really use the law of two feet this day!

  • “Smells (like team spirit) – Common team smells and how to refactor them” by Spike – As all the others, a very interesting talk about how to identify a team smell and how to deal with it in several situations…

  • “Sports and Development” by Houssam Fakih– Interesting point of view: training sports and training development skills.

  • “CQRS – Building an event system from scratch” by Emilien Pecoul– Workshop on CQRS in any language of your preference. Amazing! Here are some photos

  • “Small Small Talk talk and basic Visual Basic visual” by Daniel Irvine – The best title for a talk, and it was revealing to know that almost 20 years ago there was already a test framework.

  • “Empathy” by Antony Marcano and Ryan Alexander – Excellent workshop on how you can react in difficult situations in a team. “Good cop” and “Bad cop” examples. Superb!

  • “Refactoring Developers Habits” – by Mani Sarkar and Pedro Santos – Workshop about best practices in TDD. Here’s what we had to work on and here are some proposals.

We all came back to the main room for reflexions, retrospective and feedback. Still had time to more lightning talks. After dinner was time for me to leave…

Hope to see you all back again next year!

iOS Con

Yesterday finished iOSCon, and I just wanted to let you know how good it was. Yes, that’s right, It was really good to see so many iOS developers want to learn different things a and share their knowledge.
First of all the organization has my +1 because everything went so smooth. And for getting such a good panel of speakers. The only thing to point out is that the second day was far better than the first one, and having two tracks with impossible choices to make.

From the first day, I’ll recommend you to watch this talks:

And then the Lightning talks session special the one presented by Abizer Nasir, on how you can burnout in this job.

The second day started with Daniel Steinberg talked to us about Understanding your Toddler given us some insights of how Swift has evolved and what’s coming with Swift 3.0.
And then it was really a big struggle to choose the next one … Fortunately, you can just watch everything here. I would like to recommend you to not miss these ones:

What was really enlightening was to see that all speakers in a way were talking about the same thing: separation of concerns, clean code, clean architecture. It seems that Software Craftsmanship finally hit the iOS world. Good to know!

New professional experience

Hi all!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

In the pass 2 to 3 weeks I’ve been living a new experience, and I just feel like I should somehow put it down and share my new journey as an apprentice that aspires to become a software craftsman at Codurance.

I already have a lot to talk about, but today I would like to talk about my recent experience in SocratesUk conference. This is my first conference for a long time, I don’t even remember the last one I attended. There were lots of reasons that kept me away from conferences and now I just come to this one and really had a lot of fun. And that’s for me what really changed from what I remember of what is a conference: the fact that I had fun, didn’t get bored with some infinite lecture that I could not leave. I could talk with everybody and even propose a session if I wanted. SocratesUk is a no conference, and has a very loose format that I loved.  You could suggest topics that you’re interested in and just announce it in the board, and people with the same interest would just appear the informal spaces available and talked about that.

I must confess that I’m a little shy, and the first day was a little difficult for me to approach others, introduce myself and join a group of people, but in the second day as with had been in the talks you know some people and it’s easier to break that initial ice.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I think I can say that I’ve made some friends, and I that I really met some amazing people that I want to at least try to maintain in my professional and personal network.

See you around!